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Goooood Morning! (Or evening or afternoon, wherever you are!) Chuck here…

Hey, I am sitting here right now, lurking in the back corner of PotHeads™ Coffee Experience. Yeah, OK, I usually don’t lurk in corners, but I decided to watch from the back and see how it is all going. I Perk-O-Lated so long over this concept that I just have to see if it works! I mean, all I know is MY experience, but as new PotHeads™ enter the shop with that classic lost expression, I like to watch what happens when they “wake up and smell the coffee”!! It never fails to delight my dark brewed soul.

Yeah, so there was the first customer of the day. He landed at the door, busting in with that red-eyed desperate look, bordering on haggard. Oh yes, he was well dressed, but his expression, I’ve seen it a hundred thousand times. It screams “I NEED COFFEE—NOW!”

I watched, amused and remembering that familiar feeling of “where am I? “ The hero, Ruby, enters. She is the head Barista and she is pretty much everyone’s hero here at The PotHeads™ Experience. You wouldn’t meet a smoother, French Roasted brew than Ruby. She’s real sweet too, sweeter than a caramel mocha latte with whipped cream! If you need a hug, well, Ruby always has one, usually it is in a cup, maybe drizzled with syrup.

Ruby saw him, dazed in his stupor. She yelled out, “Good Mornin! What can I make for ya?” Shaken a bit and still stunned over the sudden change in his own appearance, he stood looking at his hands, now silver. While feeling his new PotHead he answered with his gaping mouth, “uhm, uhm, uhm……”

Ruby decided to offer something simple to get him straight saying,“I know what you need…..what is your name?” He answers, “Ch..Charles…the name is Charles….I…uh…” She quickly interrupted, “How about our special today? Chocolate Expresso?” He answered emphatically, “YES!”   Soon the machines started whirring while I watched Charles stand there dumbfounded.

He looked like maybe he came from money, I mean he was dressed pretty nice, khakis, a navy vest, button-down shirt, had a snobbish air about him, but clearly he didn’t know what in the world was going on and just followed the smell and landed here like- at the door like the rest of us who went over after the 1000th cup! I couldn’t help but wonder if it was drip, or perked coffee that did the trick.

I watched as Ruby handed him the liquid hug, and he grasped it with both hands, while the other PotHeads watched intently. It was clear that their memories of transition were fresh brewed.

You could see the relief and peace flow into him as he turned his mug up without even stopping to sit. His metal brightened, and he began to get comfortable and become more aware of his surroundings. Warm. He seemed to feel warm.

Still, he was in denial, not willing to accept that this wasn’t a dream. “We’ll give him a little time, and he will find his place”, Ruby said. “He’ll find his community, somewhere to share his life….”

Yep! That is what we are about-helping folks find their place as PotHeads. So join me again, for a nice cup of liquid love, and meet some more of our locals….you might find you like it here!! (Next time, I might watch from the window!!)


Have a nice Fresh Roasted day, and don’t be a stranger! Come back anytime!

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