In Ruby’s Shoes

An observation from behind the counter

Yes. Everything looks different in someone else’s shoes! Yesterday, I was asked to “stand in” for Ruby, while she went to an appointment. Yes, I am a PotHead, but until today, I have never been the one the hustle to provide other potheads with their brew…WHEW! Do I ever appreciate Ruby’s amazing skills. It got me Perk-O-Lating….how does she do this?

I am amazed each day with her fresh-brewed smile, the fact she is always just the right kind of warm, she can get everyone’s needs met, in short-hand, and still no cup of coffee has as much love as one of Ruby’s. She is always there with an encouragging word too!

Baristas – They are often an unappreciated lot in some circles…but not here at PotHeads Coffee Experience! When we open our store, we will have a “International Barista Appreciation Day”, that is what I am perk-o-lating on today, and when Ruby comes back in and dances in her own shoes, I am giving her a warm cup of Jo, filled with love, and a great big hug. Hug a Barista today, and by all means…GET ROASTED!

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