Hugs In A Cup

Awww, now that’s what I like…that enveloping warm aroma of freshly brewed dark roast coffee…it really is like Hugs in a Cup! What is it about the act of receiving that cup, that feels so good?
On this side of the café, I am over here waking up, taking everything in, and in walks Jason. I wonder about him …you know, he seems bitter at life, but somehow manages a smile when he sees Ruby. That Ruby, she’s a gem! She can pour you a latte, a cappuccino or any old warm drink and it feels like a hug. When she hands it to you, you just know it is …That is what I’m Perk-O-Lating today, as I raise an extra cup to celebrate my new website “makeover”…how can we give more HUGS? Everyone needs a hug, and if it’s coffee that does it, well then so be it!
Share the love, hug a friend today, and share a cup of fresh java! Let me know how you like my new web build, and go like my page on Facebook, “Chuck Pothead”, so you can keep up with the fun! And, GET ROASTED!

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