Hi! My Name is Chuck

Hi my name is Chuck, and I’ve been PerK-O-Lating!–and by that I mean I have got some great ideas and they are heating up and bubbling over!  As you can see, I’m a PotHead.   (No, I don’t mean marijuana, no not at all.)

What I’m talking about is Java, a cup of Joe, a skinny nonfat Latte, a steeping HOT Cappuccino, or just a crappy cup of coffee!   We’ve all  had quite a few of those!  HA!

Somewhere around 9,999 cups of coffee, you might become a PotHead. By now, my estimation is probably around five times that many! I seem to have lost count after 1000?  [Anyhow, I am starting to boil over, let me get back to the grind.]

Like I said, I have been percolating!  I’ve got so many beans to grind, I just about get lost in the aroma. That’s why I started this blog…to let off some steam. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you some ideas that I’m putting together in a book, So be sure to keep checking back for your perfectly percolated cup of Chuck’s wonderfully ground, roasted & brewed ideas about how we PotHeads can find our Place!!

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