Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 4

Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 4 (conclusion)

…continuing from part 3

“HO, Ho, HO!” Santa Laughed while scolding him. “You should be ashamed Prancer, keeping all these for yourself and the reindeer! Now clean up this mess and lets go grind some beans and make Chuck’s Brew for all the elves, and Mrs. Claus too! WE have work to do!! HO HO HO! Now move it!” Prancer expressed his relief to me, and exclaimed, “Santa was so excited about the beans! All of North Pole loves Chuck’s Brew, and it was determined that it rivals Hot Cocoa in flavor, but exceeds it in power.”

Prancer then prodded me to open the envelope. It smelled like gingerbread and sugar cookies! It read:

Dear Chuck Pothead,

Thank you very, very, very much for saving Christmas! We were so tired, and your brew gave us the “oomph” to keep going.

You are officially invited to join us On December 1, next Christmas to make preparations, delicious cappuccino cookies and Chuck’s Brew, and to ride my sleigh with me, to make sure we stay awake! Ho!Ho! HO!


 Santa Claus.

P.S. Bring plenty of Chuck Brew to share with all!  

I was so honored, and dude, I was blown away! Been Roasting Happy ever since!  Funny how spilling the Beans seems to keep opening the door for me!

Merry Christmas.

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