Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 3

Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 3

…continuing from part two

A few hours later I heard the stomping and jingles on my roof again, and startled out of my bed. I scurried outside to find Prancer in my front yard, asking me for some more beans for the reindeer team! Of course, as always I was happy to oblige him a few more bags of beans for the team. I loaded Prancer down with a few pounds, and a few minutes later, I heard them up there scuffing around, and had to shoo them off of the roof! They were so roasted after all the coffee beans, I thought they’d stomp right through, and after all, I was afraid Santa would miss them! I stood and listened to the loud reindeer squeals and swooshes all through the night… Those guys were stoked!

A few days later, Prancer showed up again with an envelope, but was insistent on telling me what happened before I opened it. Prancer told me, through fits of reindeer laughter, how he had been hiding the beans so they could use them for the reindeer games, and how Santa had walked by just as he accidentally spilled the beans all over the stables! “What have you got there, Prancer?” Santa asked, suspicion coating his voice. Prancer admitted to his own embarrassment, when telling me the story. “Well, Santa, we got these beans from Chuck Pothead, and, well, I gave them to all the reindeer on Christmas Eve and that is how we got everything done so fast, sir. I’m sorry Santa, I was saving them for the reindeer games.”

Come back next Sunday for part 4 of  Chuck’s christmas: The Thrill of the Spill!

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