Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 2

Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 2

…continuing from part one

I offered a few beans to the amusing creature, and he not only gobbled them up, but Prancer loved those beans! Within seconds he was hopping and skipping around the room, bumping into everything!  He then dashed up to the roof, and I could hear him stomping a jig up there. I was absolutely delighted, because he loved my special roast!

Santa finally made his way down the chimney. I tried to be still as I watched him sniff, and say, “Mmmmm I smell coffee! Just what I need!” Then he sat down to enjoy his much-awaited snack. I watched as Santa lifted the warm mug to his bright pink lips, and gulped it down in loud swallows. “Ho Ho HOOOOO. This is DE-licious!”, he shouted, just before shushed himself. “Mmmmm, best brew ever!” he whispered loudly. “Chuck’s brew! Well, now Chuck HAS been busy!” I heard him muttering to himself how he wished he had thought of such a brilliant drink, and how much he loved this brew and would have to get some soon.

Imagine my complete and utter delight! He went about stuffing the stockings, with all sorts of curiosities, including some new flavors for my brew, a silver spoon with “Merry Christmas” written on it, and some new black hoodies for my store! (Whoa Dude! This guy is incredible!) I was afraid he caught me watching once or twice, but it was just that famous twinkle in his big bright eyes! Then up the chimney he went, with a puff of smoke.

Come back next Sunday for part 3 of  Chuck’s christmas: The Thrill of the Spill!

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