Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 1


Chuck’s Christmas: The Thrill of the Spill – pt. 1

Whoa WHOA Whoa, Merry Christmas! Being a Pothead has its “perks”!  I have a wonderful Christmas story I want to share…

Since way back before my coffee years, when I was a simple carefree kid, I always tried to get a glimpse of Santa, when he came to deliver the goodies. I would find a clever little hiding place, and sit and wait until he came tumbling down the chimney.

Well, not too many Christmases ago, I was hiding in my usual spot, behind the Christmas tree. I had put out my delicious Cappuccino Mochalicious Latte-filled cookies and was grinding some beans for a fresh cup of Chuck’s Brew, when I heard the jingling of reindeer and ker-thump of the sleigh. The jolly old elf was a little early this year! In my usual nervous and clumsy fashion, I ended up spilling the beans. An entire bag of Chuck’s Brew all over the floor! I didn’t want to come off as naughty or messy, with Santa at my chimney, so I hurried to the window and  “psssss’td” the reindeer from the side of the house.

While Santa was grabbing his enormous bag of gifts and getting ready to wiggle down the chimney, Prancer peeked around the corner to see why I “psst’d” him. You see, I’d just been thinking about how coffee was discovered by Ethiopian Goat Herders, whose goats had eaten the beans, how incredibly frisky they got, and thought, “Hey, they have a long ride! And I have a mess!” I had to laugh when I saw his curious face, how often does a Reindeer walk into your living room?

Come back next Sunday for part 2 of  Chuck’s christmas: The Thrill of the Spill!

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Love this story so far…look forward to part 2!!

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