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Chuck just wants to share the coffee antics and fun, and allow you to join in! This is like any coffee shop bulletin board, you can post your coffee-related business card, community event, photos of you and your friends enjoying something crazy with coffee, etc….We just ask you only to submit encouraging, and fun material. You must submit the item for approval and it will be posted on the basis of appropriateness for the current happenings, and of course, it MUST be family-oriented. Coffee-related art, talent, recipes, etc welcome!! WE are not in a position to sell/trade items so please keep anything you are trying to sell on the other classified markets..plenty of those, you know?

Most Importantly–Chuck doesn’t tolerate profanity, mean comments, nudity, or otherwise over 21 type legal or illegal behaviors. We want Mom and Dad to feel perfectly fine about their kids checking out our site! We reserve the right to ban you or any of your material from ever submitting materials, should you be so over-caffeinated that you lose all sense of decorum! Don’t go there! This group of PotHeads is Legal and determined to stay that way! Be a kind, and legal Pothead!

The cycle for your submission will run 60 days…when you reach that point, you will be rotated in the bag of beans to allow others to bubble up. So basically, let’s keep it fun, legal and nice!

Thanks for your cooperation!

Chuck PotHead and Staff

How to submit:

Send us a message with “Bulletin Board Submission” and we will review and contact you.