Coffee + Eggs = Easter Magic

Whoa! It’s Friday, and boy do we have the incredible weather on the Emerald Coast! Now THIS is coffee drinkin’ weather! I was just here gulping down some brew, and thinking about HOW to celebrate Easter next weekend….hmmmmm

Since we love Easter Eggs, and getting creative, I thought I’d try dying them with a bit of my Chuck’s Brew…yep, that’s what I’m gonna do. Hey, and maybe do some latte art in the Mugs on Easter morning!



Here’s how you coffee-dye your eggs: Create a pot of extremely strong coffee. Decide how you will design your eggs. Here’s what I did:

  1. Rub eggs down with vinegar.
  2. For a while design, grab some natural things like a flower, grasses, plants etc, and wrap them around the egg for a natural stencil.
  3. Use a stocking to hold the items on the egg, and secure with small rubber bands
  4. Boil the eggs in the coffee for 10 min.
  5. Cool them in the fridge to let soak longer in the liquid
  6. Remove the stocking mesh and item and Viola, cool designs!
  7. Optional: Leave ‘em plain or choose a few eggs and add gold flakes, glitter, and yes, coffee grinds.
  8. Paint a few accents on some if you wish!
  9. Also try some in Tea, Tumeric Tea, Green Tea and cranberry Tea….you’ll be surprised at what color they make.
  10. Here is a borrowed list of recipes for other organic/natural colors for those eggs!

What fun! So keep it caffeinated, keep it natural and enjoy dying yourself a few coffee Easter eggs! And the best part is, this dye is organic, and won’t be ingested if you make egg salad later!

My eggs were brown, gray and yellow! I like that, they match my tin…awesome right?

IMG_3801How about little bunny coffee cup cozies? Make a few really quick with a needle and felt! Yep, recycled from bottle kind of felt would be great…I’m making coffee cup sized….but hey, make ‘em for your eggs too! Heres the one I’m doing:



So hey, have fun preparing for a great caffeinated Easter! Get roasted and have fun!


~Chuck Pothead

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