The Crappy Cup of Coffee

IMG_3676Yes, we have all had them, it’s too weak, and we are too tired to put up with NO caffeine. It is too bitter, and it sets our teeth on edge. It is too acidic and stale and you lose the pleasure of drinking it. How about the one you KNOW was made in a dirty coffee pot (think gas station or convenience store).

There is nothing more disappointing than being so sleepy on a drive with no dependable coffee stops, and just needing that last bit of help to get home, and then getting that nasty 3 hr old burnt stuff! I want to spew that stuff out of my mouth! Besides, it’s usually lukewarm or tepid at best. It is quite doubtful that it was even fresh in the first place! The chemical bath in the standard market coffees is enough to make any of us sick. When the health professionals tell you not to drink coffee, it is because they know what you are drinking from our basic brands (including big box franchises) are chock-full of harmful chemicals! Check out this blog!

This is why I only choose organic coffees when I am away from My Brew The more I order coffee at various popular places, the more I am convinced that while it is nice to sit and enjoy a cup of the good stuff with a friend, a crappy cup of it can ruin a sweet time. It becomes the topic of discussion. Wouldn’t it be nice if even a franchise would be consistently good…AND organic? This is why we did our homework and found a great coffee distributor, and we only deal with organic, whole bean coffee. We make sure what you get is as fresh as possible. We want to avoid having mycotoxins develop in our brand, and this is also why you get a great smooth taste, whether you brew yours bold, or weak.

We also choose to use Fair Trade growers, for the obvious fact that we want our beans blessed. There is no blessing or good karma or anything good coming out of mean beans. So drink up, enjoy, and Be Healthy!


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