Artists Bio

Dawn Newton

chuck_with_DawnDawn Newton, has been a mixed-media artist and avid coffee-addict (PotHead) for decades. She stumbled upon her first character, in a junkyard on a rainy day in Alabama. Digging him up for an upcoming “found object” sculpture assignment,  Chuck was born the day she saw his face half-buried in the mud. Seeing his profile, she knew he had to be “redeemed”. His first debut was at Troy State University, evoking giggles and smiles. He was then packed away for years during the family’s many Military moves.

When they arrived in Great Falls, MT, a place where you learn to LOVE HOT COFFEE, she was honored to be invited to participate in The Urban Art Project  which is part of The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

For her installation she created a community for Chuck and his friends to dwell in. The exhibit was titled “Elemental Fun”, featuring a statement about how the characters shared their lives as “PotHeads” It was a fun, and entertaining display that many enjoyed and remembered, and still ask about to this day.

For years, friends and family have urged her to do something with these guys, including some interest from a few very influential people! After all these years, Chuck is coming out of the box, so to speak, and the artist is thrilled to share the years of moving, laughter and tears through these curious characters who each surpassed the limit of coffee and are now part of a new community who understands them. Their love of brew, and hanging out sharing their lives as PotHeads, is the legacy of the coffeehouses that she has been to in their travels, and moves throughout the world. She knows what it is like to be the new person and to be welcomed. It is her intent to create a welcoming place to bask in the aroma of the delicious brew, to warm your soul with smooth warm liquid love, and to creative a space that Potheads like yourself can come together and share everyday life.


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